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Home Security

A common threat to our homes is burglary which occurs every 15 seconds in the United States. Theft causes the victim’s family feels violated and vulnerable. The majority of the apartment and home burglaries have taken place during the daytime when most people are at school, work or another location.

Most of the time home burglaries appear to be random, but it involves the selection process. Burglar selects the house with the easiest access, the best escape routes and with the greatest amount of cover. To avoid burglary at your home, here are the few security tips or steps that one should practice.

All Locked Up

It is open to all that the thieves take advantages of the unlock homes. Therefore, it is sfsafagfadgdnecessary for everyone to properly lock up their house and windows, even if they are going out for a short period. If you want to get more advice on door and window lock, Locksmith can provide with the advice. Also to prevent tampering of your garage and keeping your car locked, ask your electric suppliers for the lock of your power supply.

Don’t Provide cover to the thieves

Ensure that there is a clear line of sight from the street to your house so that the people can see your house and the thieve will fear to enter the house. Cut down the bushes and trees that are an obstacle to your house doors. You should try installing the sensor lights around your house and complaint if it is broken.

Upgrade your defenses

Most of the time it has been noticed that thieves try to enter the house by damaging the door or windows with several attempted break-ins. Therefore, it is important to invest the money in strengthening these defenses.

Monitor all targets

Garden shed, and the garage is the first and easy targets for the burglars so that they can use the tool or a ladder from the garage to enter the house. Therefore, to discourage the burglar an automatic light with the keyed lock in the garage will be helpful.

Guards your Keys

Most of the people hide the keys somewhere in the house or lend their keys to tradespeople and acquaintances. This provides the burglars with the easy and fast access as keys can easily be copied and used.

Don’t Advertise your valuables

The packaging for the rare and valuable items should be broken into pieces before throwing it in a dustbin. You should also look at your home once from outside before leaving, like a wallet or iPod left in the hall can easily attract the thieves.